The Gawkerocalypse, Strictly by the Numbers

100,000,000: Damages Hulk Hogan is seeking in lawsuit against Gawker for publishing his sex tape, in dollars

45,000,000: Gawker’s advertising revenue last year, in dollars

20,000,000: Amount spent to build Kinja commenting platform, according to former Gawker Editorial Director and record-holder for greatest number of distinct tenures at Gawker, Joel Johnson, in dollars

16,000,000: Traffic to Gawker’s biggest post of last year, in pageviews

7,000,000: Gawker profits, in dollars

280,000: Monthly rent at Gawker’s new office, which it still has not moved into, in dollars

4,000: Length of Nick Denton’s anti-Facebook memo, in words

260: Gawker full-time employee headcount, in bodies

100: Length of video of Hulk Hogan sex-tape highlights posted by Gawker, in seconds

“Not 100”: Chance of a revolution, according to Nick, in percent

68: Amount of Gawker Media owned by Nick and his family, in percent

50: Amount won by Gawker Editorial Director Tommy Craggs in a bet regarding the lede of the New York Times article about the state of Gawker Media, in dollars

48: Age of Nick, in years

30: Length of Hulk Hogan sex tape received by Gawker on DVD, in minutes

12: Length of time ago Gawker was started, in years, according to the New York Times; amount paid per post to most non-site-lead Gawker Media bloggers until late 2007 when the pay system switched to pay-per-click, in dollars

10: Length of lease at Gawker’s new office, in years

4: Number of times Nick’s use of marijuana is referenced in some form in the New York Times article

1/10: Chances of disaster this year, requiring Nick “to sell a controlling interest in Gawker to keep it afloat” due to Hulk Hogan sex tape trial, according to Nick

1/50: Chances of disaster most years, according to Nick

Giph via FTW