Grindr Profile Poetry

by Sam Stecklow


I’m a typical nerd
Stable bad boy
Athlete & intellectual thug
I enjoy all kind of things except chocolate and snacks

Looking for a good long blow job or a good guy
Looking for local hot fun and 420 connections!
If I’m on I’m looking
A very calm and down to earth guy

Pro tennis player, actor, & model
Let’s go down to the tennis court
Where the Big D @?
I like cuddles and not being fucked in the ass on the first date

Love skinny slim bottom boy toys
Get here, get naked, get busy, and get going
Wits over sluts, charm over smarm
Please have a sense of humor

Fairly nice guy here just living life
German guy road tripping…
420, Vers/Btm, and much more that you can’t squeeze into a box
Hot daddies hit me up!