A Poem by Shauna Barbosa

re the dentist and his new family

Teeth person will not eat beef unless the mother cooks it.

The I would like to say: Fuck your baby.

Mother will make beef if son buys it.

A teeth person walks about the quad on what a person is suspected to walk upon.

A person of teeth. Teeth own a person.

I am doing well. I am having a baby.

Some sets of teeth walk. Teeth person,

I have had dreams about your baby. Teeth on carefully.

The I once a baby, now a dent in the corner of a $1500 laptop, precious technology.

Communicate a stain that would be refused by the local favourite dry cleaner.

Teeth person taught you ruin.

Exit without having entered.

List what you know about teeth person other than teeth person will not eat beef unless mother cooks it.

Teeth person once walked upon, on, with tongue to say: I want an artist.

The mirthful artist wonders,

Did teeth person ever declare: I want a bank teller?

Teeth, bank teller, baby.

Show the I those teeth. Show the I that money.

Shauna Barbosa’s poems have appeared in the minnesota review, A Bad Penny Review, Sundog Lit, and PANK. She is currently pursuing an MFA at Bennington College. You can find her at shaunabarbosa.com.

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