Fort Romeau & New Jackson, "Not A Word"

If you’ve been “on the blogging scene” for a decade or more (oh my God you guys it is so hard for me to write this sentence without typing “kill yourself” as the next two words, but because I’m a pro I will somehow pull it out) one of the more difficult contemporary concepts you are forced to contend with is the idea that there is no longer any stock placed in currency. Time was, if you shared something that had already been extant for over an hour you were immediately assailed with imprecations of “OLD!” from commenters and sneering derision from your peers, who would mock you mercilessly and were probably right to do so. These days nothing is never not new and it doesn’t make a difference how long ago it was created or how many people have seen it already because Facebook moms don’t care about dates and young people have spent so many years bombarding their brains with varying forms of flickery that it all blurs together in a blob so indistinguishable that it is impossible for them to recall whether or not they’ve seen it before in the first place. Also everything is terrible and only getting worse now. Is there a connection? Possibly. Anyway, this is a roundabout way of letting you know that this bit has been out there for a couple of weeks and as shameful as I feel in putting it up I’m trying my best to keep up with the kids who have no such sense of tardiness in that regard. Also, it comes from Ghostly International, who are behind some of the music I like most these days, so why not? Anyway, enjoy.