Thoughts Likely to Pop Into Your Head While Meditating at Davos

white dude

1. Fascinating conversation with Wim Drexler about how helicopters work. Terrific guy. Princeton.

2. Is my wife’s hair actually blonde?

3. I can’t tell if I really give a fuck about Greece or it’s just been going on so long I have convinced myself. Wait. If my wife’s hair isn’t actually blonde, is that less hot, or more hot?

4. Is it bad that during the Global Financial Council on the Global Financial System I kept thinking about how maybe we could just get rid of Cyprus?

5. Next person who tells me that the founder of Patagonia lives in a straw bale house gets a knuckle sandwich.

6. Brendan is wrong about my backhand. I feel like I should start working with Aislan. But what will I say to Sue? How will I get away with that? I know. I’ll say “Aislan’s got a more holistic approach.” Sue will love that.

7. I really hope Sue doesn’t want to watch Empire again when I get home. I just thought it very predictable.

8. If Matthieu Ricard spent five minutes working on the soybean and proteins desk he would shit himself.

9. God I’m really craving the Octopus with XO sauce and brown butter espuma from Tuome.

10. Or maybe just some cheese. Cheddar is so basic, but satisfying. At the end of the day, I really am down to earth. I like that about myself. I don’t think enough about the things I like about myself. That’s why I think Aislan will be good for me. It’s not about my backhand, it’s about my confidence.

11. Why didn’t I get into Princeton?

12. I am surprised at the number of men here wearing those little colored thread bracelets their daughter made them. I never even thought about that. Maybe they have really young wives and she sets the tone for a younger household. Sue is only six years younger than I am. How much younger does your wife have to be than you before you think it’s ok to wear those little uh…uhhhh.

13. I do care about Greece. I stand with them. And I don’t actually want anything to happen to Cyprus, that was just a fantasy. Oh my God, I’m actually crying.

14. Friendship bracelets. That’s what they’re called.

15. I have a deep attraction to Ali Larter that I can’t help but wish to explore.

16. The Renewable Energy dudes look like they get a lot of ass.

17. I opened my eyes and Matthieu Ricard’s face looked so calm and resplendent.

18. You can spot the journalists. They arrive by van from those hotels that look like where Hansel and Gretel went to middle school. I stayed in one of those my first year. And this year an elevator opens in my room. It has been a journey.

19. The words “Aislan” and “confidence” must never, ever be in the same sentence when talking to Sue.

20. Oh I got a text. No one’s looking what’s the big deal. Oh, it’s my daughter. Wow. Olivia never texts me. How wonderful! “Dad Hows the sausage fest lol”

Photo by WEF