The Fusion Masthead

Guess who is coming to @DIRECTV? We are! Check us out Jan 21st on Channel 342.

— Fusion (@ThisIsFusion) January 13, 2015

What is Fusion? Fusion is a joint endeavor of ABC and Univision. So it is mostly a TV channel! (That’s channel 108 in New York City, if you have Verizon. It’s not a channel at all if you have any other cable provider.) But it is also a digital enterprise, embedded inside the TV-ness, to make things happen across all platforms as the future of TV changes in whatever ways it will. It is something of an experiment. Mostly what you likely know about Fusion is that they just keep hiring people! But who? And what do they do? Here is an attempt to organize those hires at the digital side of the organization into a masthead. (The TV side is even more complex.) They have so many titles!!! Some of them may or may not be at all what they sound like. And maybe there are a million more people? Or not…??? Who knows! Here’s what we have so far. Undoubtedly we should regard this as as a living document and we will receive a few dozen updates.

Isaac Lee, CEO

Daniel Eilemberg, Chief Digital Officer

Boris Gartner, Chief Strategy Officer

Wade Beckett, chief programming officer

Miguel Tamayo, director, programming and development

Fernando R. Vila, VP of programming

Mark Lima, VP of News

Laura Wides-Munoz, Director of News Practices

Jane Spencer, Editor In Chief, Digital

Hong Qu, CTO

John Patteson, Director of Business Development

Justin Montanino, Director of Development, Branded Content

Hillary Frey, Director of Global News Operations

Anna Holmes, Editor, Digital Voices and Storytelling

Dodai Stewart, Director of Culture Coverage

Jean-Paul Tremblay, Director of Production, Digital

Nuria Net, Managing Editor, Digital

Daniel Bachhuber, Director of Engineering

Kent Hernandez, Art Director

Tim Pool, Director of Media Innovation

Daniela Stepensky, Senior Product Manager

Matt Keppel, Product Manager

Keith Kropski, Product Manager

Latoya Peterson, Deputy Editor, Voices

Adam Auriemma, Deputy Editor

Orlando de Guzman, director and senior producer, breaking news team

Danielle Henderson, Culture Editor

Ted Hesson, Immigration Editor

Jordan Fabian, Politics Editor

Danielle A. Friedman, Health, Sex and Relationships editor

Rollie Williams, Comedy Editor

Jen Sorensen, Editor, Fusion Comics

Mariana Santos, interactive and animation director

Kit Cross, interactive developer

Victor Abarca, infographic artist

Noppanit Charassinvichai, software engineer

Jitendra Harpalani, software engineer

Davis Shaver, software engineer

Tater Read, lead UX designer

Lisa Eun Jung Hong, UX designer

Miguel Costa, UX/UI designer

Cara Rose DeFabio, UE designer

Margarita Noriega, head of social media

Abby Rogers, social media editor

Danielle Wiener-Bronner, social media editor

Brett LoGiurato, senior national political correspondent

Jorge Rivas, national affairs correspondent

Alexis Madrigal, Silicon Valley bureau chief, executive producer

Gabriel Leigh, senior producer

Pendarvis Harshaw, associate producer

Romina Puga, culture reporter/producer

Akilah Hughes, culture reporter/producer

Isha Aran, health/sex/life reporter

Clara Lucio, digital voices and storytelling editorial associate

Ingrid Rojas, multimedia producer

Kristofer Ríos, visual journalist

Andrew Dubbin, graphic art editor and cartoonist

Simon Ducroquet, animator

Danilo Lauria, video creator

Natasha Lennard, reporter

Cristina Costantini, investigative reporter

Alexandra DiPalma, digital producer

Dianna McDougall, “visual/social”

Geneva Sands, producer-editor

Suzette Laboy, producer-reporter

Arielle Castillo, producer-reporter

Danny Rivero, producer-reporter

Alice Brennan, investigative producer

Daniela Hernandez, science and tech writer

Felix Salmon, senior editor

Kevin Roose, senior editor

Kashmir Hill, senior editor

Richard Farley, senior editor, Soccer Gods

Miriti Murungi, senior digital producer & social media editor, Soccer Gods

Kevin Brown, social media editor, Soccer Gods

Kevin Gray, editor

Emily DeRuy, associate editor

Katie Ryan, production assistant

Valeria Mendoza, digital administrative assistant

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