Some Good Old-Fashioned Media Gossip

by The Awl


Here is a rumor that we’ve heard floating around the halls of the soon-to-be-abandoned Condé Nast building (and, crucially, not just from people who’ve worked at Wired!): Scott Dadich, the current white-male-in-chief, is trying to purchase the magazine from Condé Nast. It would require many millions of dollars, obviously, but that’s nothing for a few venture capitalists in these Golden Days of the Content Bubble, especially for the Valley’s longstanding Magazine of Record. (How would it make money for its investors? The Wired conference business has never been as glittering as All Things D or The Atlantic’s, but that could always change. And the Wired Store is just one of its infinite #branding opportunities.) The fifty-million-dollarish question: Would Condé let it go?