Sex Canadian

“Canada continues a proud tradition of raising and celebrating its homegrown perverts, artists who are deeply committed to pushing your sexual boundaries farther than you ever consciously wanted them to go. I mean, we (I) have made a lot of jokes about how this is a book about a woman fucking a bear, but it really is. There aren’t a lot of metaphors present here. I was mostly impressed by how much of a real bear Engel made this bear, refusing to give him even a hint of humanity, writing Lou as a woman who deludes herself into thinking she understands what an animal is thinking, that a bear could somehow love her back, could derive some pleasure from her pleasure, despite all evidence to the contrary. The bear smells bad and is kind of ugly and, I guess spoiler alert, but whatever, when Lou really does try to fuck the bear for real, he claws her back in disgust; if he could speak, I think he would say ‘I’m a bear,’ because, duh.