Power Sides With Power

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the CIA saved American lives http://t.co/N9RDUCw5Yt see http://t.co/Ah8ZYm8UeN #supporttheCIA

— Ron Conway (@RonConway) December 9, 2014

To apprehend the full power of Silicon Valley is to identify yourself as a rube; this is what makes it so hard. Its leaders’ ambitions have only scaled to match accelerating consumer complicity: They had no choice to accept the power that we couldn’t, and can’t, seem to give them fast enough.

It would not be shocking to see a titan in an adjacent industry demonstrate an instinctive trust in power. An expression of shock in response to this pointed statement from Ron Conway, one of the most influential technology investors of the last two decades, is at best an admission of ignorance and at worst an admission of guilt.