Texts to My Super

by Adrianne Jeffries

These are real text messages to Alex, the super of my totally normal building. He’s great.

Hey Alex, we have a small leak under the sink! Can you come check it out when you get a chance?

— September 29, 2013

Hey Alex there is a REALLY weird chemical smell in the apt… Not gas, more like paint or plastic? It is too strong to stay here. Can you check it out tomorrow??

— December 4, 2013

Did you get a chance to check out that weird smell yet? I have not been back yet and I am worried about the apt exploding

— December 5, 2013

Hey Alex our bathroom bulb burned out but it is one of those special ones, can you fix it when you get a chance? Also the drains are backed up again I think.

— January 15, 2014

Never mind the drains are good but the bulb is burned out.

— January 15, 2014

Also the radiator started leaking a ton and it started warping the floor

— January 20, 2014

The radiator appears to still be leaking even though I turned the valve all the way closed

— January 22, 2014

Hey Alex I just wanted to remind you about the radiator. It is still leaking even when it is shut all the way. The floor is changing color and getting warped. If I put a towel down it gets soaked right away

— January 26, 2014

Hey Alex it’s Adrianne. Our bathtub is clogged up again. The sink is okay. Can someone check it out soon? Thank you!

— May 2, 2014

That crazy woman is downstairs screaming her face off again

— October 26, 2014

I just left you a really long message… Some guy on our floor is writing on the walls and freaking me out

— November 22, 2014

Oh yeah and they took Aric’s rug

— November 22, 2014

writing on the wall

I took this thursday morning, it says if you touch my stuff again you will die try me asshole with an arrow pointing toward our side of the floor

— November 22, 2014


This is what is on my door that I just noticed today

— November 22, 2014

Thanks Alex!

— November 22, 2014