The Queen and Her Thrones

This year’s event had 70,000 attendees. To service their basest bodily functions, Black Rock City was home to 1,400 porta-potties for the “general population” as well as 200 porta-potties for what Robbi called “Entitlement Camp,” or festival-goers who rent their own private unit…

Complaining about the festival’s fetid porta-potties has almost become a team-building exercise for pre-billionaires. “They’re not necessarily rich,” RobbiDobbs told me. “Nearly most of them are rich and entitled. That’s why I used the derogatory term of ‘entitled.’ I think everybody should shit in the same place. What’s your fucking problem? Shit in my units!!!!” She laughed.

A story about feces that you might actually want to start; a story about Burning Man that you might actually finish.