Never Ever Ever (Ever) Get Lost Again With Hertz NeverLost

by Awl Sponsors

Brought to you by Hertz

If you’re like the average car renter, chances are you usually skip paying for the GPS option and instead rely on your handy smartphone. However, this new video from Hertz illustrates why a smartphone might just not cut it. Whether it’s spotty service reception, the extreme battery drain, or those unexpected data charges that we’ve all encountered, you’ll want to think twice about substituting on your next car rental. .

At Hertz, they’ve created NeverLost, an incredible service that’s unlike any GPS or app out there. Why? Because you can plan your entire trip online and get a four-digit code to plug into the device. And if you’re feeling lazy, you can simply call their live concierge team directly for a customized preloaded USB with all of your trip destinations programmed in and shipped to you to at no cost.

With Hertz NeverLost, you’ll drive a whole lot safer and a whole lot smarter! Learn more about NeverLost here.