Bel Esprit, "Lose My Mind"

A funny consequence of the way people find new music now is that it’s not always easy to remember where a song came from. The physical circumstances are irrelevant: Were you sitting in a chair in front of your work screen, or standing in line looking at your pleasure screen? Who cares. Did a friend send you a link, and how? Was it on one of your sites? Did an algorithm match you with it? If so, what chain of actions led it to think you might like this song? There are too many of those to replicate; who’s to say where the chain started, anyway? Here is a song that manifested out of the data fog and onto my speakers this weekend, where I let it play all the way through and then played it a few more times. It is both slack and driving and I like it quite a bit. It was matched to my behaviors and now I am matching it to yours.