Hotel Ballroom Utilized

Hotel Ballroom Utilized

In his next song, which is about using his wife’s dildo while she’s out of town and is sung to the tune of ‘Love In An Elevator’ by Aerosmith, Seamonkey brings out an inflatable penis with two cans of silly string taped to the testicles, and starts to spray the crowd. Anderson and his friends howl with delight.

I mean: Maybe Weird Al was never really funny on the merits. Maybe it was mostly just circumstances, the songs’ unlikely production, that made everyone so happy. A song called “Eat It” released nationally by a major record label? On the radio? Nice. A Kickstarter to make potato salad that has raised thousands of dollars? Amazing! (But nobody’s laughing at the salad.) Maybe that’s what the merits are, with this type of thing? Just… unlikely arrangements of capital? Anyway, this dispatch from the heart of the stubbornly resilient parody music movement is worth your time.