New York City, June 11, 2014

weather review sky 061114

★ A food cart’s row of light bulbs glowed conspicuously at midday, under the persistent gloom. Little raindrops had streaked the windows; the children had needed outerwear. Downtown, the sidewalk psychic stared blankly from her chair. It was not quite raining but not at all nice: neat raincoats and careless sunny-day clothes went by, equally uncalled-for. The late afternoon sky got around to brightening, indistinctly at first. East and north were blue and white, and Citi Bikes ticked past. Up at 79th Street, a shadow-casting beam of sunlight crossed the top of the crowded subway stairs. Now blue was to the south too, and overhead. The clouds over 66th Street looked inconsequential, but a solid, low-flying plane crossing over them dematerialized. Sun shone along the dinner table till the two-year-old complained and changed places. And then it was gray again, abruptly and thoroughly, the generous long bright evening canceled.