How the Other Half Condos


No one can afford to live anywhere, at least not in New York City or San Francisco, unless, of course, you can afford to buy a whole place to live, but then you have other problems, like all of the other people who can afford to buy a place to live, because there aren’t that many places to live, even if you are capable of purchasing one outright:

And just 1,163 new condos are expected this year in prime Brooklyn neighborhoods, according to Corcoran Sunshine, a new development marketing company. Fewer than 800 will come online next year. That’s nothing compared to the 10,000 new condominium units slated within the next three years in Manhattan — though that borough is also suffering a shortage…How tight is the market in Brooklyn? There are seven units in the building at 875 St. Marks Ave. in Crown Heights. At last month’s open house, about 300 people showed up.

Has a day gone by in the past year where L.A. has not sounded like a better place to exist, except for like, the days with the earthquakes?

Photo by Joseph