Genetic Freaks Documented

A taxonomy of unsightly mutants is now “art”:

Marina Rosso imagined herself as a “conservation geneticist” and created her own map of some four dozen varieties of redheadedness and photographed a specimen that expressed the traits of each combination — a green-eyed, curly-haired, short man of medium build occupies spot No. 39, for example. The result is “The Beautiful Gene,” a catalog of reds published by Fabrica, where people of the MC1R gene gaze directly back at you, almost in indictment, as though they know they’re being regarded like creatures in a zoo or steaks in a supermarket, and know that, given a choice, you would take a pass on their genetic schema for a more conventional sort — a blond, a brunette; brown eyes, tall and dark.

Why preserve that which evolution will surely deem unfit to survive and destroy in a cleansing fire of UV light, once global warming has finished turning the entire planet into one big ball of scorched earth?