The Loneliest Crusade

How is one woman’s boycott against Amazon, a response to the company’s ongoing campaign to make life miserable for the mega-publisher Hachette and its authors, going?

“I’m convinced that Amazon will not make any effort to regain me since they can rely on getting me back due to the magnetism of their efficiency and their massive stock of everything,” she wrote. “So, feeling as isolated as I do in my feeble protest, I believe I’ll call it quits soon if there is no prospect of it making a difference to anyone.”

But Ardelle — can I call you Ardelle? — are you sure you want to give up so easily? What if the inventor of stuffed-crust pizza decided to call it quits because he thought, in his darkest hours, that “there is no prospect of it making a difference to anyone” by filling what had been a doughy void in every pizza consumer’s life with rivers of hot, stringy cheese, baked right into the crust? Where would this country be right now? Filled with more carbs. He made a difference, and you can too. But it’s okay if you wait until your Prime subscription runs out, I know it’s expensive, and can you believe they raised the price? I know. I mean, if I wanted to watch some old HBO shows, I’d just steal my dad’s HBO Go password, right? Ugh.