Modern Craftsmen: Jason Trammell

by Awl Sponsors

DLT_Ketel One JTram-5393

Jason Trammell is a Brooklyn-based drummer and musician who currently plays in the DFA Records band, Sinkane. Jason’s interest for music began at an early age in North Carolina where he began collecting 45s at the mall, listening to juke music with his parents on long car rides, and being exposed to some of America’s most iconic musicians. Soon, Jason took up the drums, eventually moving north to New York to expand on his interests in music. Here he began to work in sound design and film, as well as playing with different local bands, and pursuing personal passion projects.

We meet up with Jason at his practice space to find out how he has developed his craft as a drummer, as well we explore his different projects, ending the night at a local bar where he shares his passion for music with friends and locals.

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