Dave Eggers Took a Cab Ride

“The driver is a stranger to me. He is young, no more than twenty-five, with a smooth face and a tentative moustache. His name is Shadad, but he is not a taxi driver, and this is not a taxi. This car and this driver were arranged hastily by my guide and friend, Majed, who helped me around Jeddah the previous week. Before this drive began, Majed and I considered it a decent, if necessary, idea to employ such a driver for this trip, but now I am pondering how I could leave this car. If I open the door and roll out, would I survive? And if I did survive, where would I go? There’s nothing but rocks and sand for miles in any direction.” Does Dave Eggers being a racist asshole lead him to jump out of a speeding car and maim himself? Or does his cab driver kidnap and kill him for being an asshole? Or does he make it back to America to pen a long missive about his cab ride across Saudi Arabia and the lessons he learned about being a racist asshole? We may never know.