Change Comes From Within Website

We are flipping the polarity here today, give or take. From now on, we — your faithful Awl servants Alex Balk and Choire Sicha — will be answering to the new editors of The Awl, Matt Buchanan and John Herrman. They will now officially be in charge, and will begin finding their way. They will make the decisions. We will take our demotion to feature writers and guest editors in stride.

Do you want to have a word with them? You can reach us all at notes @

Later today, give or take a day, you know how we are, the masthead will change. Alex’s new title will likely be Bear In Chief and I’m being sidelined to the role of Executive Office Manager. Ooh, maybe I’ll bring back the newsletter!

All (most) sarcasm aside, we’ll still have our fingers in this pie of a website, helping to make things here be, as well as planning for the next five years of this company. Think of it as us finally getting the bosses we never wanted but always deserved! I’m being flippant because there is no cause for alarm, only for celebration.

Oh, now would be a good time to warn you also that there’s a pending… well we’d call it a “redesign,” but it’s actually technically our first design, right? Coming soon! It’ll be jarring! Certainly we are trying to keep some elements of “jankiness” and “terribleness,” our visual trademark, but also it might actually be mildly attractive. We know. Change is hard and weird. But, for one, we want to get rid of a lot of GARBAGE on this site, and two, it’d be nice if people could read us properly on mobile devices, ya know? Anyway that’s down the road a little bit. But you were warned.

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