Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?


In D.C., apparently everyone just has sex in public bathrooms all the time, because our nation’s capital is overrun with entitled monsters.

Alan Popovsky, who owns Lincoln Restaurant and Teddy & The Bully Bar, has found that unisex single-occupancy restrooms — and handicap-accessible ones in particular — tend to be the most popular hookup spots. “If you go into a restroom and you can actually lock the door behind you, that’s just an open invitation,” he says. But in the case where there’s a men’s and women’s restroom to choose from, heterosexual couples almost always go for the women’s room. “Women are much more apprehensive to go into the men’s room and have sex with a man,” Popovsky says. “Or a woman. I have seen that before too.”

This seems unfair, given that women’s bathrooms generally have fewer facilities and a longer wait time, but that’s consequences of the patriarchy for you.