The Age of Instant Gratification

by Awl Sponsors

We’re living through an historic time in human communications. The ways that we connect to each other, to information, and to the physical world around us are changing at a truly breathtaking pace. And with it, life itself is changing as well.

AT&T;, in partnership with Vice, is looking to highlight the role of networked life in enabling young Americans’ always-on lifestyles with a new platform it’s calling The Mobile Movement. Beginning in Austin at SXSW, AT&T; has been traveling the country to discover the many faces of the mobile movement and document how it’s changing our lives.

According to Vice’s Eddy Moretti, “The condition, which we’re calling a movement, is a networked existence. It’s really visible and strong with young people, but everyone lives their lives connected through their devices to each other, and to apps that entertain them or bring them information. This is a new stage in human communication and human socialization. There is a movement out there, almost like an art movement, and we’re tapping into it, amplifying it in some cases, documenting it and celebrating it.”

So, how are young people thinking about their mobile devices? As it turns out, they’re pretty high maintenance. Take a look in the above mini documentary put together by AT&T.;

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