Kevin Drew, "Mexican Aftershow Party"

Kevin Drew, “Mexican Aftershow Party”

It may be hard for younger readers to remember this but for a brief moment a little more than a decade ago there was a flurry of interest in the music coming out of Canada, a country which had previously been associated mostly with tediousness, monotony, and the occasional worrying placidity epidemic. At the center of this fleeting perception that there might be more to our neighbor to the north than vast acres of empty wilderness and a geniality so torpid that even boredom grew weary of itself was the collective Broken Social Scene and its album You Forgot It In People, a record which would on reflection prove so precisely attuned to its time that listening to it now is an almost whiplash-inducing rocket ride back to the early part of this century. Anyway, Kevin Drew was a big part of this band and here’s a new video by him, it’s pretty good, I mean I like it at least maybe you will too enjoy. [Via]