Bluffing, "Sheltered"

“We were largely inspired to write shorter songs by the work of San Francisco songwriter Tony Molina (as well as his old group Ovens), plus countless others ranging from the Beach Boys to the Minutemen to Heavy Vegetable. Pop and punk have always had brevity and catchiness as a common thread and so we see their self-imposed ‘less than two-minute rule’ as a challenge to write the most addictive songs possible; to try and express more with less,” says one of the members of this band I’ve never heard of about their new video in the promotional copy that came with the link. You know what? Good for them! Nobody needs more than two minutes for anything involving expression and the fact that these kids don’t have to spend the next 20 years babbling on until they finally realize just how useless all their words have been is to their credit. This video features what I guess we’ll call “[young] adult situations,” so figure out what you can get away with at work before you click play.