Twin Shadow, "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"

“Everything I do, I mean sincerely, but there is a little joke within this one. In every critique of Twin Shadow, there is a dropping of Morrissey’s name, which I always thought was funny because I have never really been a huge fan of Morrissey or the Smiths. [Laughs] So it’s a nod to people calling me ‘the Dominican Morrissey’. I think part of it is just that the trend in underground music the last 20 years has been to sing in a high, sort of whiny voice — coming from that MGMT, John Lennon place. I have a gloomy, low-ish voice, so I think people attach that to Morrissey.”
— Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr. talks about his decision to cover Smiths classic “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.” Once upon a time I would have thought, “What a risky choice, to take a shot at something so significant to so many people, most of whom will be angry at what they consider to be sacrilege,” but I eventually realized that it’s just a song, you put it out there and people like it or they don’t and then everyone goes on with their lives, particularly now that the outrage cycle moves so quickly. So maybe you’ll have opinions about this cover. Good for you! There are any number of platforms on which you can share them. The wonder of the way we live now is our ability to let so many people know just how we feel about things. It truly is a golden age.