The E Train: A Colloquy


Chat has been punctuated and formatted where appropriate.

Balk: Today I learned that the E “is particularly popular among sleepers in winter, because it runs 24 hours a day and is completely underground.”

Choire: I hate the E most of all.

Dusty: Yeah the E is pretty good for a nap.

Emma: Name one time you were happy to see the E.

Choire: I took it to JFK… ONCE.
It was pretty intense.

Adam: Fuck the E.
The E doesnt run to JFK.
It stops at WTC.
The E always shows up when i am waiting for the C.
Fucking useless garbage train.

Choire: The other way, Adam.
The E is seven stops to Jamaica from LIC.

Adam: Don’t believe you.

Edith: Plus all the Es are new, so she always glides in all shiny and pretty, like “look at me aren’t I nice” but no one wants you, you stupid bitch who goes nowhere.

Emma: Lol.
No time for that.

Do YOU have feelings about the E? Probably.

Photo by Mike Knell, via Flickr