City's Tabloids: More Like Mayor de Murderio!

CBS and the New York Post have had it with Bill de Blasio, who made it snow endlessly on our city and then had his wee caravan roll on through some stop signs in Queens. They also did some speeding. (The Daily News wood is hilarious.) No one has ever disobeyed the speed limit in Queens. New York’s worst monster! The Post has this to add: “The mayor — who vowed a transparent administration — routinely holds secret meetings and keeps events hidden from his public schedule.” Like he had a secret cocktail with Obama’s keymaster Valerie Jarrett! This city is a monstrosity. Everything is in ruins.

Here’s one thing you won’t read in the Post story:

So far this year, the new administration has filled more than 113,000 potholes. This time last year, the Bloomberg administration had filled about 50,000 potholes, and the year before, 42,000.

Let us go to City Hall and make like Kiev.