A Web Series To Watch While NBC Refuses To Show You The Olympics

High Maintenance // Matilda from Janky Clown Productions on Vimeo.

NBC has an exclusive deal in the States to show the Olympics. Right now, as I write this, the Olympic Opening Ceremonies are happening live in Sochi. I just learned that there is a country called Dominica, which is geographically close to but not the same as the Dominican Republic. Cool fact! But it’s the kind of cool fact I had to learn through a garbage bootleg BBC stream originating in Estonia or Mars or something because NBC is waiting another eight hours to show the Opening Ceremonies. (Right now, NBC is airing the Steve Harvey Show.) Anyway I was just told about this show High Maintenance, which is on the internet where anyone can see it anytime, and it’s very very funny, and you can watch it instead of the Steve Harvey Show right now. From Splitsider:

Created and written by husband and wife team Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, executive produced by them and Sinclair’s manager, Russell Gregory, and brought to life by a stellar cast and crew,High Maintenance follows a cycling weed man as he makes his deliveries to different New Yorkers in their native habitats. Nuanced in its voyeurism and deft in its subtle comedic breaks, this is more than a funny show. It’s honest and true, unapologetically and consistently straight with no regard for Internet video conventions or goofy stoner genre norms. One might even call it “high art” (sorry, I had to).

There are only 12 shortish episodes, but so far they are all excellent. Enjoy them!