Weather Crazy

If you were awake at 5 a.m. because, say, you were caught in the great airline horrors of the snow times followed by the JFK Delta plane skidding off the runway times, which closed down that airport and sent a ripple effect of delays and cancellations across the country, you would have seen the bizarre sight of New York City gripped in a low-lying fog. It was rather twinkly and luxurious actually! Or if you are awake now, this morning, perhaps you have seen the nutzo downpour, with the tornado-green sky over Manhattan and the deep grey over Brooklyn, trash and bottles flying and umbrellas breaking everywhere. But it gets better! Perhaps you’re planning your outfit for tonight’s “Girls” premiere party, in which case you should be clued in that your throwback electroclash outfit had actually better be made of piles of furs and blankets. The funny thing about “Girls” is that it’s set in an endless Brooklyn summer. It seems like, in all three of its seasons, everyone’s always clammy and under-clad and in need of showers, and winter never comes for our sad little narcissists. So as the wind picks up all night and the temperature begins to drop towards 11 degrees, we’ll let a thousand cases of millennial hypothermia bloom. At least we will survive them.