Things Used To Be More Genuine, Says Man From The '90s

“I think the indie culture that I was familiar with in the ’80s had, I believe, more of a revolutionary spirit, and I feel that in this day and age, post-Nevermind, a lot of indie bands are a little too calculated. They’re hiring a manager and an attorney before they start their first rehearsal. They’ll gear up and try to license music for TV shows and commercials. I’m from more of the punk era where bands just created art for the sake of art. When you go back and look at the time period that is presented in [Experiencing Nirvana], 1989 with bands like Sonic Youth and Mudhoney and Nirvana, there was, I really believe, more of a revolutionary spirit. None of these bands really ever thought they would hit the mainstream. Because of that, they took more risks, certainly on stage and often times in their post-production and in creating music.”