For Just Pennies A Day, You Can Harass People On Twitter With Bizarre Promoted Tweets

They must be having a fire sale at Twitter Ads, I have been thinking recently, given the totally random whatnots showing up in my feed.

I know, right? What? It gets weirder.

This is classic.

Finally, someone who tweets about “real-time news and mobile innovation.” And this guy’s been on fire, I see his ads like every day:

So: Twitter both is and isn’t having a fire sale. Every day is a sale at Twitter Ads! Twitter Ads is actually a fairly sophisticated little system, if you play around in there; targeting people based on location, gender, and things they tweet. So say you have a pretty specific audience in mind, you can nail it.

But while the basics of Twitter Ads are promoted “who to follow” placement and in-stream tweets, the most interesting is the “bid for engagement” on those in-stream tweets.

“An ‘engagement’ is when a user retweets, replies, favorites, follows, or clicks anywhere on your Promoted Tweet. You only pay for the first engagement a user makes with your Promoted Tweet.”

The crazy thing is the “clicks anywhere,” because, wow, I “click anywhere” a lot and it doesn’t have much to do with my engagement. (EXCEPT WHEN I’M HITTING “DISMISS,” AM I RIGHT???) But this system, like a pinball game or a key party, does seem ripe for having a lot of fun at very little expense.