What Are You Reading? Part 6

by John Shankman

Over the next week for a sponsored project on behalf of Byliner, The Billfold’s Mike Dang and our publisher John Shankman will be selecting stories from the Byliner platform and chatting about them.


John: Yoooo Mike!
How goes it?

Mike: Hey John — I’m good, how are you?

John: I’m great. Looking for some quality reads, per usual.

Mike: Haha, well I got one for you!

John: My man.
Always on point
Is it a Byliner original?

Mike: This one is actually a Byliner exclusive by Meghan Daum who wrote an essay called “Memoirs of a Commercial Girlhood” in 1996 for The Bellingham Review.
You’d be into this one!
It’s about advertising.
Or rather, about being a part of an advertising family.
(John, you are my advertising family.)

John: lol
I take that as a high compliment.
What do we have if we do not have advertising families?
Is Meghan herself in advertising?

Mike: She is not, but her father wrote songs for commercials when she was a kid.
And her brother starred in those commercials sometimes.

John: spicy
sounds like a fun house
or perhaps not if megs wasn’t down with not being included

Mike: Well, she auditioned, and apparently wasn’t as good as her brother, so there were some sibling grudges held. Her father wrote songs for brands like RC Cola and Lean Cuisine. I was curious, so I looked up some jingles.

I mean, this one is kind of incredible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm_LmlFeNnM

People don’t write those kinds of songs anymore for commercials! The story reminded me of one of my favorite songs for a commercial when I was a kid which was … can you guess?

John: I’m gonna have to go with MIKEY LIKES IT

Mike: Omg, John

forgot about this
so good

Mike: Obviously, I love that song because MIKE IS MY NAME.
But that song is also so good
And I grew up in the Jordan era I guess
So that’s what you basically just did, John.

John: its a cheery tune
of an era for sure

Mike: So the story brought back all those memories! Which made me appreciate it more.

Meghan also writes about our emotional involvement in advertising — how some commercials can make you cry. Which reminded me of ones that have made me cry too
This essay really conjured up some stuff

John: i like it.
im still trying to piece together the sort of narrative it is
is it a personal essay
recollecting her childhood?

Mike: Yes, specifically about her father and advertising, and how so much of her childhood was spent around advertising and advertisers.

John: Did she remember that fondly?

Mike: I’d say it’s bittersweet.

John: My kids will be wearing branded infant clothes so the family can earn revenue when we post photos to social networks.

Mike: I mean, if celebrities can sell their baby photos surely you can sell advertising on your kid’s onesie.

John: Fair enough, I’ve reconsidered though. I’m not gonna sell my kid out though…until their 8
if you could only take one piece of wisdom away from Meghan’s story, what would it be?

Mike: I guess it’d be that advertising leaves a huge impression on you, whether or not you actually believe that. BRB, going to listen to “Like Mike” again.

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