Tinariwen, "Toumast Tincha"

It seems like just yesterday that Tinariwen’s Aman Iman brought the band of Tuareg nomads to Western (i.e., my) attention, but the Internet tells me it was actually 2007, which I guess kind of makes sense when you think about it because the last six years are pretty much a blur. Like, think of anything that happened in your life in the last six years and there will be this weird, indeterminate fuzz surrounding it, as if it could have happened two days ago or five-and-a-half years ago. The last six years, to put it bluntly, have been some kind of terrible, hazy nightmare from which we have been unable to awaken, particularly today when it is just so hard to get started. Anyway, Tinariwen has a new album coming out, and if this video is any indication it will sound pretty deserty.