The Twelve Days Of Awlmas

Good morning! And welcome to our 265th annual holiday extravaganza. Here’s how it’ll work. In the mornings we’ll be “resurfacing” (LOL) some delightful things that perhaps you have or haven’t seen before. Then in the late mornings and afternoon, we’ll be presenting new stories that explicate the year that is even now dripping through our fingers as the future speeds towards us like a brakeless truck. So many metaphors in 2013.

From Rihanna to Geraldo to James Deen, from Russia to Gi Joe: Retaliation, from fan fiction to parking spaces, from cats to restraining orders to the terrors of European television to lesbians to SoulCycle, we’ll be looking back at what made 2013 so… special? Terrible? Disturbing? Something.

And then we’ll all emerge on the other side, in the parallel universe of the de Blasio era, where literally anything could happen. How magical. You guys are great, thanks for everything.