Heineken's Carol Karaoke Brings an Audience of Thousands to the Karaoke Bar

by Awl Sponsors

Imagine heading up to the stage for holiday karaoke. You’ve slotted in your favorite holiday classic: Mariah. Just as those triangle notes start, you’re given a big surprise. You won’t just be serenading the people at the bar, but thousands of folks all around the world — at an NBA game, in taxi cabs, even in Times Square. Would you go through with it? Heineken pulled this fun surprise to find out if karaoke singers had what it took in their #CarolKaraoke video.

Meanwhile, Heineken did a survey to find out which songs Americans love to sing most at karaoke during the holidays. “Jingle Bell Rock,” wins at 31%, followed by “Winter Wonderland” at 20%, and the aforementioned ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ at 13%. Over half of respondents think karaoke in front of friends and family is less embarrassing than when they’re up in front of strangers. Guess the people in this video weren’t in that category.

Share Heineken’s Carol Karaoke video with your friends and use #CarolKaraoke on Twitter to share how you’d react if you had to make a snap decision about performing in front of thousands.