All Italians Have A Little Bit Of Berlusconi In Them

“Mr. Berlusconi embodies some of the best, and many of the worst, features of the Italian character. He has a few of our virtues and all of our vices in spades. He is intuitive, easygoing and often very funny. He knows his soccer, enjoys good food and appreciates romantic songs after dinner. He loves lavish homes, hates rules, tells jokes and uses the odd swear word. He knows how to make money and has no compunction about cutting corners in the process. He cares about his friends (as long as they do what he says), talks fondly about his late mamma and adores his kids. In fact, he loves families so much that he’s had three of them already, plus scores of lady friends on the side. Mr. Berlusconi isn’t just a reflection of the Italian character, but a warning for the nation.”