A Cyber Monday eBook Sale: Up to 80% Off

by Awl Sponsors

Black Friday is hard to get behind. First of all, the name. Black Friday — see also black plague, black widow, black hole — does not inspire enthusiasm. Then there is the event itself. Predawn call times, lines out the door, mob behavior over brand-name consumer goods.

But then something magical happened. Black Friday spawned Cyber Monday and post-Thanksgiving shopping has been a much more civilized occasion ever since.

This year, our friends at Open Road Media are making the day even sweeter with an unbelievable offer. Today only, every single ebook in their catalog (more than 4,000!) is on sale for up to 80% off as part of their annual Cyber Monday Sale.

Whether you are still recovering from Black Friday or are just sitting there all smug for having had the good sense to pass on the whole affair, fill your preferred reading device with as many ebooks as it can handle and gird yourself for the rest of the holiday shopping season.

These are some of our favorites from Open Road’s expansive list. Be sure to browse the entire collection at openroadmedia.com/cybermonday.

Psst… not sure how to give an ebook as a gift? It’s easy as can be. Learn how at openroadmedia.com/HowtoGiveEbooks.