Who Is NY1's Hot Jogger Guy?

With the stupid news that NY1, America’s best local television station, is going to be renamed “Time Warner Cable News NY1,” which of course is what we are ALL going to call it all the time, comes fear and anxiety. Are they going to make Pat Kiernan wear a Time Warner tie? Are they going to make a horrible new jingle in which they semi-rhyme Time Warner with “your corner” or, worse, “tenant farmer”?

My biggest concern, however, is: what’s going to happen to the hot jogger guy? Hot Jogger Guy has been appearing in the transitional bumps on NY1 for a very, very long time. He now has very little screen time; he appears in the little montage you always ignore before Weather on the 1’s. The mystery of his identity has long haunted me. How old is he now? Is he even still alive? Does he still jog about New York in sunglasses and a sweaty tank top? Did he sign a release? Does he laugh every time he sees himself on NY1? Or what if he’s dead! How do his friends and family feel every time they see this reminder of their dead brother or poker buddy while waiting for the weather? Who is Hot Jogger Guy? Also, is he still hot. ANY information greatly appreciated.

(Thanks to our operative for finally grabbing a picture of him; we’ve been meaning to do so for years but you know how it is in the mornings.)