What Are You Reading?

by John Shankman

Over the next few weeks for a sponsored project on behalf of Byliner, The Billfold’s Mike Dang and our publisher John Shankman will be selecting stories from the Byliner platform and chatting about them.


John: hey miiiike
whats going on

Mike: Hey John!

John: how are you doing?
big weekend?

Mike: Things are great! Yeah, I just got back from a weekend away in the Poconos where I spent a lot of time hiking and grilling steaks. And reading! Want to talk about what we read this week?

John: definitely

Mike: Haha, what did you read this time around?

John: Tribeca Tale by Karl Taro Greenfield

Mike: Is this about TriBeCa in downtown Manhattan?

John: indeed
its a fictional story that reads like something that should be made into a short film

Mike: Oooh. Sounds like a winner! What cinematic aspects did you read in it?

John: hm that question actually may be above my pay grade
but in general the story followed an alpha male character who hustled his way through some sort of organized crime to be able to now live with his family on three floors in tribeca and rubbing elbows with the type of people who live in tribeca- doctors, lawyers, music producers

the story is pretty interesting in that while it details who this man is and alludes to some of his more nefarious history, the main story line is how he navigates dealing with his 8 year old daughter getting bullied at private school

Mike: Can you tell us how he handles it, or would that give too much of the story away?

John: hm, yah kinda
that navigation of that is sort of the story
or at least the closing note

Mike: My parents were the kind who told me to fight, instead of telling an adult

John: that is a big part of the story: can adults handle who handle “business” also handle their children’s business

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Photo credit: Photo by Flickr user by specialoperations