NYU Student Loses Faith In Authority


In the curious case of an NYU student who went suddenly missing — he was trapped in a tiny space between two buildings, down at 80 Lafayette, for much of the weekend! — students blame the campus for inaction:

[Student Michael] Yablon says he asked NYU Public Safety officials on Sunday morning to search security footage of the Lafayette building for any sight of [Asher] Vongtau. Public Safety officals told Yablon that the footage was kept at a location only open Monday through Friday, and at that point Yablon said, “we decided to take matters into our own hands.”

Vongtau went missing early Saturday, after hanging in a dorm room. (“I don’t want to elaborate on what we were doing in there,” Yablon told The Post.) They took their campaign to Facebook (obvs) but also to the dorms. (Good for them!) Eventually they found their pal, improbably compressed in a wee gap between buildings. He had not bitten off his arms. But the experience has bitten off their hopes and dreams.

“I’ve lost faith in the authorities. They would have failed had it just been left to them doing their thing. They would not have succeeded in saving him,” said Yablon. “They should be thanking us. John Sexton doesn’t want that kind of press on his hands.”

Glad everyone’s okay! But now we have a few more disillusioned young people on our hands. The future will scorn us.