It's Still Somehow This Week

Remember when I was all “It feels like it should be, like, Thursday of NEXT WEEK already. Man, I do not see how we’re getting to Friday at this rate”? You are probably saying, yes, Alex, I remember, it was like ten minutes ago, but NO, YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG, because it was two actual days back and here we are, not at Friday, with a whole hunk of day to get through before we can even consider the possibility that a Friday might yet occur. I have a theory that we are all, still, over a year later, working on a calendar that was kicked out of synch by Hurricane Sandy and then the presidential election and an early Thanksgiving and we never really got ourselves caught back up, so any changes to the schedule, like, say, the end of daylight saving time, set us further behind and make things seem even less manageable than usual until we find ourselves staring into space on a Thursday morning and wondering what we can do to get our lives back to some semblance of order, even the horrible order which we once bemoaned but now look longingly on as a time which was so much better than the terrible tour of hell we presently trundle through each time the sun rises. Anyway, this kid is cute, enjoy, the end. If we’re all still alive tomorrow let’s meet back here and congratulate ourselves, because at this point just making it through the fucking day deserves some kind of goddamn Nobel Prize for living. Good Lord, this week.