Dante Trolled

Commuting from Gracie Mansion is hard — just ask Bloomberg, he used to have to drive 22 blocks to the subway to catch the express! Poor Bloomberg.

Now Dante de Blasio faces the challenge of maybe having to get from Gracie Mansion to his high school on the downtown edge of Fort Greene. Except of course his fellow students are like “LOL I take three buses and two trains.” :/

Alex Gaviria, 14, a freshman at Brooklyn Tech who commutes over an hour from Queens on the No. 7 and G trains, said the appeal of Dante’s possible new home should trump any travel concerns. “Come on, it’s the mayor’s mansion!” he said. “Why would you want to pass that up?”

Others offered a series of suggestions for a student unaccustomed to a subway commute.

“You can do homework and sleep,” said Sam Fishman, 16, a junior at Bronx Science.

“Check out girls,” added Faiaz Sharar, 14, a freshman at Brooklyn Tech.

“I would probably say cut his hair,” said Jordan Page, a classmate of Dante’s, “so that people don’t notice him.”

Dog, get a boat. And welcome to public life.