What Your Car Décor Says About You

by Awl Sponsors


This post is sponsored by Kia.

Next to your home and your office, you probably spend a good portion of your free time in your car. That’s why it’s a good idea to not only choose one with sleek styling (like the chrome accents and Rear-lip Spoiler on the KIA Optima), but to also personalize your ride so you can feel at home behind the wheel. Of course, similar to how you drive or what kind of music you’ve got blasting with the windows rolled down, your car décor can say a lot about who you are as a person.

Find out the impression your car bling might be having on others…

Sport team flags, team license plate cover, and/or ball clings that look like they’re smashing your window. You’re officially a sports fanatic who probably listens to sports talk radio during your drives. Chances are you and your wheels have a reserved tailgating spot somewhere, and you aren’t afraid to get into a red light debate with a rival fan.

Family decals, honor student praise, and backseats lined with graham cracker crumbs, broken crayons, and kids’ meal toys. You might not be a literal soccer mom, but you’re definitely a proud parent whose second job is kid activity chauffeur.

You take auto humor to new heights. Whether it’s “My kid beat up your honor student,” zombie family decals, or seasonal décor (antlers, anyone?!), your goal in life is to make the other drivers laugh.

Funky touches like animal printed seat covers, blingy plate covers, or professional detailing. You clearly love your car, and use it to try to attract others’ attention. In fact, you’re probably a serial accessorizer who likes to add flair and style to everything in your life. The grumpy commuters of the world might find you shallow, but to you, every ride is an adventure. In fact, you’re just the type to love riding in a hot color like the KIA Soul’s Alien green!

A window full of dusty beanie babies. The first thing others are wondering is if you can even see out of the rear view mirror with all of that clutter. Then they’re wondering if stores even sell beanie babies anymore! The conclusion is that the car must belong to an older woman who probably has a few cats at home.

You never know how others might perceive you based on your appearance, and as you’ve learned, the same goes for what your car looks like. If you want to give off a modern and sporty vibe, you’re already off to a great start in KIA’s Soul or Optima vehicles. Then, it’s up to you to add some finishing touches so your car can truly be an extension of your personality.

If you’re looking for a new car that’ll give off a cool vibe — with or without accessories — check out KIA’s line of sporty and stylin’ vehicles.

Photo: Flickr: Lee Jordan