What Are You Reading?

by John Shankman

Over the next few weeks for a sponsored/advertising project on behalf of Byliner, Mike Dang and John Shankman will be selecting stories from the Byliner platform and chatting about them.


John: heyyy mna
how’s it going?

Mike: Hello, John!

John: helllo mikkeee
are you bussy?
do you want to chat about sweet byliner stories that we read over the weekend?

Mike: Yes, totally

John: thats why i love you
you are the man
I read one story about how this guy basically lived his life for a day in the exact opposite way Michael Pollan’s new book recommended
i would like to ask u
what did you read?

Mike: I read this really great Byliner Original called “A Killing in Iowa” about a writer who looks into her father, who basically did a murder-suicide in the early ‘90s.

John: wowzers
not sure what to say after that

Mike: Haha

John: is she okay? what did she find?

Mike: It’s beautifully written.
Mike: Rachel Corbett is the writer. She did a lot of investigative digging. Looking at newspaper archives about the story, for example, and calling up the police department for details on the case.

John: excellent reporting combined with a gripping story. i can get behind that
i was about to ask what happened at the end, but I suppose, that would ruin the story. suffice to say, is Rachel okay at the end? does she find out why her dad did it?

Mike: Yes and she gets a better sense of why it all happened.
Mike: Have you ever had a memory or a story you held with you for most of your life, and then discovered that the story is not what you thought it was?

John: Yes, but my instance is infinitely inconsequential compared to that.

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