Circa Waves, "Get Away"

Have they turned on your heat yet? I can hear mine bubbling up as we speak, which means it is almost the time where I have to experiment with various configurations of opened windows to maintain some kind of balance between completely freezing and coma-inducing heat. We are about to enter an era in which everyone’s skin is super-dry and nobody says anything about it because we are all in the same boat. You will touch that pipe with the paint peeling off by accident and not do it again all year because it burns you so badly. We are entering the cold season. I personally cannot get enough. The smell of smoke in the air that tells you winter is coming? Bring it on! The pile of dead leaves clogging up the gutter? They cover the smell of urine! Drinking outdoors in heavy coats? What autumn is all about! This is indeed my favorite season, but I know some of you like warmer, springier times. Maybe this song, from a band I’ve never heard of, is upbeat enough to lift your spirits. I mean, I think you’re crazy, this is the best time ever, but I guess it takes all kinds to make a world. [Via]