Azealia Banks, "ATM Jam"

Azealia Banks seems like she would be really fun to hang out with but only, like, every couple of months, otherwise it would just be exhausting. She strikes me as the kind of friend who is always losing her keys and calling you at 2 in the morning because you’ve got the spare set. Those friends are fun, but in extremely limited doses. But of course I am just projecting based on what I know from a series of videos and Internet outbursts. She may be extremely responsible with her keys. I mean, for all I know, she may be the one all the friends call late at night because they know she’s home and has their spare set and will groggily meet them at the door and not say anything unkind and even gently remind them to return the keys the next time she sees them so they aren’t locked out again. You can’t ever tell with people, I guess. [Via]