Are These The Worst Sites On The Internet?

We have new rankings in the Wow This Website Is Abominably And Panderingly Stupid list — with a huge upset in the number one slot!

9. Gawker Dot Com
8. Probably a tie between The Bustle and The Daily Caller and The Blaze and Tumblr
7. Twitter Dot Com
6. Twitchy Dot Com
5. The Traffic-Getting Half of BuzzFeeᴅ Dot Com That Is Manipulative And Gross (Well?)
4. Elite Daily Dot Com
3. Weather Dot Com
2. Upworthy Dot Com
1. Viral Nova Dot Com

It’s a crazy day when Business Insider can’t even make this list. Thought Catalog? MORE LIKE PULITZER CATALOG.

Congratulations, Viral Nova! You’re HORRIFIC, ILLITERATE and MONSTROUS. You’re also named V I R A L N O V A. Which is hilarious! (via and via)