A #WhiteBoyWednesday FAQ

#WhiteBoyWednesday — a thing that happens on Twitter! — brings many questions. How can you best enjoy white boys on Wednesday? We investigated.

Can you pander and post selfies?

@Swirlovin #WhiteBoyWednesday #TeamBlackGirls pic.twitter.com/P5sfgPrDPB

— Richie The C. (@JukeNuke_em) October 23, 2013


Actually… probably yes.

I always check out the white guys that hash tag #TeamBlackGirls on #WhiteBoyWednesday to see if they are attractive .

— LEGNA (@teamANGEL_) October 23, 2013

Should you troll black men on #WhiteBoyWednesday?

It’s Wednesday so it’s only right!! #WBW #WhiteBoyWednesday #InterracialLove #SwirlLovin pic.twitter.com/39QOan0S7O

— Swirl Love (@SwirLove) October 23, 2013

#whiteboywednesday #whiteisright #whiteboyseveryday #whiteisrightblackiswack #whiteboyappreciation

— mikayla denae (@shortysmalls24) October 23, 2013


Should you politicize #WhiteBoyWednesday?

“#whiteboywednesday was everyday for the crew of the slave ships that ripped us from our homeland” — Henry Louis Gates.

— Desus (@desusnice) October 23, 2013


Kid on my high school lacrosse team once explained to me how funny it was that he pronounced Nigeria as Niggeria. #whiteboywednesday

— iHe (@ehi) October 23, 2013


Y’all celebrating #whiteboywednesday like we didn’t just watch a PBS special on Slavery last night as a twitter family.

— Desus (@desusnice) October 23, 2013


Should you do… this?

It’s #WhiteBoyWednesday pic.twitter.com/OxpA8cm8zi

— Maeghn Smith (@Smithsonian_21) October 23, 2013

IDK. Probably not?

Should you only celebrate hot white guys on #WhiteBoyWednesday?

#WhiteBoyWednesday goes to the one and only, @SammyH_27! I mean come on, look at that face. pic.twitter.com/0fU9e2RTAT

— brekkan (@uhohitsbrekkan) October 23, 2013

#WhiteBoyWednesday #MacMiller !! pic.twitter.com/Uyr8ss90T2

— Team.InterracialLove (@AlwaysImane) October 23, 2013

Yes. Please carefully acquaint yourself with hotness. Many white men are surprisingly ugly, you will find on closer inspection.

Is it possible to do #WhiteBoyWednesday right?

#whiteboywednesday http://t.co/QiJn8bQAct

— Brokey McPoverty (@brokeymcpoverty) October 23, 2013