Young People Suck Just As Bad As Old People

“From what I see and hear, it’s safer to bet on a new iteration of This Town replacing the old one, and things proceeding much the same way — maybe with a few stuffy old decorations renovated or replaced. Because on any night when there’s an A-list, dressy, old-fashioned, lavishly catered affair for seventy-year-olds at Sally and Ben’s mansion, there’s something else going on, a couple of miles away. There, in a Columbia Heights group house or a Mount Pleasant apartment of a youngish rising star, a different kind of get-together is in the works, where you may find make-your-own rail drinks and revelers engaging in a rousing round or two of beer pong. And when all the twenty-four-year-olds holding down entry-level online writing jobs hear about it, they’re asking, ‘Who’s going to be there? Anyone I’ve heard of?’”